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Eton Reef Lots

Eton Reef celebrates the very essence of the South Pacific. Each Lot for sale is set back from the oceanfront so the natural beauty of the reef remains unspoiled. Between you and the beach? Nothing but a footpath winding its way through a hundred metres or so of Pandanus and tropical forest. It is your own private holiday resort.

Choose from a full or a subdivided lot to create your dream property. Full lots range from 3,000 – 5,000m² (approx.) and start at $550,000, whereas subdivided lots range from 800m² or ¼ Acre (approx.) and start at $260,000.

Full Lots

Land Size: 3,000 – 5,000m² (approx.)

For a those who want to dream big, and create their own slice of paradise with so much space that you’d think you were alone in the world. No noisy neighbours, just you surrounded by tropical beauty.


Subdivided Lots

Land Size: 800m² or ¼ Acre (approx.)

For a those on a tighter budget, these are smaller lots that have already been subdivided, but still offer plenty of room for your own house and garden, with the ability to create a private retreat from the world.