about Eton Reef

Yes. There are no restrictions on ANY foreigners buying property in Vanuatu.

No. There is no requirement for property owners to live in Vanuatu, nor are holders of Vanuatu residency permits obliged to reside in Vanuatu.

Yes. Your local agent will work with together with an exclusive Agent in Vanuatu to guide and facilitate your acquisition and registration.

Select the desired lot within Eton Reef

  • Your Local Agent will instruct the Agent in Vanuatu prepare the Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Both parties sign Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • 10% deposit is paid into your local Agent’s trust account
  • Vanuatu Agent will commence preparations for Transfer of Title
  • Vanuatu Agent will provide your local Agent with confirmation that all documents are signed        and ready for Transfer
  • If all other conditions are satisfied a settlement date is arranged
  • Remaining settlement figure is paid into your Local Agent’s trust account
  • Documents usually handed over to the purchaser at settlement include:
    •  3 original Transfer deeds already executed by Seller
    • Copy of the registered title
    • Settlement Statement
    • Last property tax (or rates) receipt
    •  Last lease rent receipt

The following fees are payable After settlement has taken place and can be done directly with the Vanuatu Agent or through your local Agent in collaboration with the Vanuatu Agent.                        

  • 2% Stamp Duty payable to the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission
  • 5% Title Registration payable to the Vanuatu Lands Department

In due course, the person or company that lodged the documents, collects or receives an “Advice of Registration” recording the transfer in the registry.

The Purchaser is then the registered owner (Lessee) of a property in Eton Reef Estate

Yes. When purchasing a property within the Eton Reef Estate, you will qualify for a “Land Owner” permanent residency status.

(Application process and fees are available upon request. )

No. The law does not oblige purchasers to use a solicitor but, if you are entering the Vanuatu market for the first time you can always seek legal assistance.

Typically, the local legal costs are between 0.5% – 1.0% of the Purchase Price.

No. The property is registered as a leasehold title.

All registered Lease titles within Eton Reef are for a period of 75 years from 9 December 2007.

Towards the end of the lease period it is common practice to negotiate an extension of lease for another 75 years by way of payment of a extension fee made to the Lessor.

No. Leasehold and freehold are very similar with the main difference being that leasehold has a registered term of ownership and you require a “Consent” from your land owner to make changes to the registered Lease.

–   Changes include rezoning, subdividing or changing the registered ownership (Lessee) of a title.

Yes. There are three annual fees to account for within Eton Reef Estate;

  • Land Lease Rent (applicable to all titles in Vanuatu), depending on the size of your land the annual Land Rent in Eton Reef is average AUD 80 per annum.
  • Provincial Property Tax (applicable to all rural titles in Vanuatu), is charged per erected structure on the property, +/- AUD 200 per structure per annum.
  •  Eton Reef 75 acre common area parkland and waterfront reserve areas annual maintenance costs share among the 35 Lot holders is currently AUD3,300 per annum per Lot.

Yes. You can typically buy and sell property in Vanuatu in Any foreign or local currency.

Yes. Mortgages are registered on the Leasehold titles as they would be on freehold and Leasehold titles in other countries, to secure bank lending and other facilities such as overdrafts.

Yes. There are several companies in Port Vila owned or managed by qualified builders. As in any other country it is important to select a builder carefully and to see other jobs they have done – Eton Reef Estate is more than happy to assist you through this process.

No. If you are up to date with your outgoings to the local authorities, lease rent to the lessor and are able to facilitate the removal of encumbrances such as a mortgage, then you are free to sell and settle through a local realtor or solicitor.

There are 35 lots for sale with each full lot being 45m wide and an average of 3,350m² per full lot.

It is only a 3 hour flight from Auckland or Sydney, or a 1 hour flight Fiji or New Caledonia

Eton Reef Estate is 20 minutes to Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, and only 40 minutes to Bauerfield international airport.

It comprises of 74 acres of shared parkland with 4.5km of forest and coastal walking trails. A total of 2 kms of ocean frontage with countless beaches, 16 secluded picnic coves, and a 60 metre all-tide swimming pool.

No there is not. 0% tax, 0% stress, 100% organic, and 100% happiness.