The Estate

Eton Reef Estate at a glance

  • 110 acre Private Estate, comprising of
    • 74 acres of private parkland, and
    • 36 acres of private land lots
  • Full Lots ranging between 2550m² and 5,120m²
  • Subdivided Lots from 800m2

  • 2 kms of ocean waterfront with countless secluded beaches and coves,
  • 60 metre all-tide natural coral swimming pool within the reef.
  • 3-hour flight from Australia or New Zealand, 2-hour flight from Fiji or 1-hour from New Caledonia.
  • 20 minutes to Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, and 30 minutes to Bauerfield International Airport.

Coral Swimming Pools and White Sand Beaches

  • Protected by the magnificent coral reef that is our namesake.
  • Multiple white sand beaches and pools all along the 2km of coastal waterfront, and
  • The Olympic Pool, a 60 metre all-tide swimming pool, safe for children within the coral reef.
  • Crystal clear water and all tide snorkelling.
  • Water temperatures are 22-28 degrees Celsius all year round.

Nature and Walkways

  • Multiple walking and cycling opportunities with 4.5km of forest and coastal trails.
  • Abundant wildlife from baby turtles, bush turkeys, owls, lorikeets, emerald doves, herons, native pigeons, fruit bats and coconut crabs.
  • 16 secluded picnic coves with BBQ areas overlooking the water

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