The Estate

at Eton Reef

Eton Reef Estate is 20 minutes to Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, and only 40 minutes to Bauerfield international airport. It comprises of 74 acres of shared parkland with 4.5km of forest and coastal walking trails. A total of 2 kms of ocean frontage with countless beaches, 16 secluded picnic coves, and a 60 metre all-tide swimming pool.

There are 35 lots for sale with each full lot being 45m wide and an average of 3,350m² per full lot. It is only a 3 hour flight from Auckland or Sydney, or a 1 hour flight Fiji or New Caledonia. 0% tax, 0% stress, 100% organic, and 100% happiness.

Coral Swimming Pools

The coral swimming pools that dot are found all along the coastline are all protected by the magnificent coral reef that is our namesake. Smaller beaches and pools are in front of every lot, and a five minute stroll will take you from a private cove, to an enormous 60 metre all-tide swimming pool that can be used all year round.

Eton Reef Beach Vanuatu


When you think of the islands, you think of azure waters and brilliant white sand beaches. Every lot has direct access to exactly that. Each beach has crystal clear waters, fine white sand and bountiful marine life, which is great for snorkeling. Not to mention balmy swimming conditions all year round with shade when you want it, and sun forever when you don’t.

BBQ Areas

Relax, entertain, eat under the sun or stars, and make the most of the beautiful ocean view. Eton Reef has 16 secluded picnic coves with BBQ areas overlooking the water.

Cycle paths and walkways

Whether for exercise, pleasure, or simply moving around the Estate, the 4.5km of forest and coastal trails add a peaceful natural element to day-to-day life. The wildlife is abundant. From baby turtles hatching under beach blankets, to bush turkeys laying their eggs in garden topsoil. Owls, lorikeets, emerald doves, herons, native pigeons, protected fruit bats and young coconut crab form a biotic community in this rare and special habitat.

estate map


Main Road from Port Vila


Cycling and Walking Track

Peaceful cycling and walking access around the Estate through shared parkland and native forest.


Available Lots

All lots from 1 to 35 are full lots with direct access to the beach. Lots without red dots are available.


Unavailable Lots

All lots with red dots have already been purchased and developed.

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